What will you pledge this World Oral Health Day?

Celebrated every 20 March, World Oral Health Day is soon to be upon us!

World Oral Health Day is an initiative run by FDI World Dental Federation, and is a global awareness campaign promoting the importance of oral health.

The official theme of 2020 is the third instalment of the ‘Say Ahh’ campaigns, with ‘Say Ahh: Unite for Mouth Health,’ and calls on individuals to come together and pledge to look after their oral health.

Eyre Dental is proud to get behind this great initiative, and pledges to 'floss everday,' 'keep patients smiling through their appointment' and 'help patients achieve their dream smile!'

Whatever age you are, we encourage you to do the same as taking good care of your oral health is very important to your furture smile, health and wellbeing! So, what will you pledge this World Oral Health Day?


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